About Tula Adventure Sports:

Virginia Beach’s place for all your water sports needs.

Whether it be balance through standing up on a paddleboard, keeping an even keel in a kayak, or staying afloat on a wakeboard behind our boat, when you hang out with us, you take away a fun and gratifying experience that brings you to your full physical potential. In other words, we make physical balance a great substitute for hitting the machines in the gym.

Our idea of balance doesn’t stop at just getting a little wet in the water. We want to switch up the routine cubical lifestyle that keeps us from enjoying some of life’s most simple pleasures, like the marshes and beautiful coastlines that are right outside of Tula’s backdoor. Our outdoor sports pair adventurous activities with the peace and beauty of the water. We believe in reconnecting with the environment to restore some of that natural energy that our bodies and minds lose in the rush of modern life. As owner of Tula Adventure Sports, I invite you to join us in our simple mission: bring back the natural balance in life.


  • WPA (World paddle association) certified instruction
  • The only downstream paddle tour in Virginia Beach! This means you never paddle against the current and never see the same shoreline twice.
  • The only standup paddle shop in vb that can let you try demo boards on site!
  • The only customizable private pontoon cruise in vb. see the dolphins, stop at waterfront restaurants or just cruise the backwaters of VB for a more local experience.
  • The only wakeboard / waterski boat available for charter in Virginia Beach.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is booming, and it seems like everyone and their uncle is buying 10 boards and a truck and calling themselves a pro. Well, Isa and her team are pros. Everything about their approach to the sports they love is high quality. The equipment is great, the instructors are well trained, and you can tell that they love what they do. -DAVID BURDEN

Tula Adventure Sports, Inc. (757) 502-8852

Pontoon Cruises

Relax and enjoy the ease of this cruise. Want to take a break from adrenaline rushing adventure? This cruise will provide you with relaxation you need and the excitement you get from any other activity.

Paddle Tours

-Great for all skill levels
-Private Launch into a calm creek. (Double bonus)
– See a side of First Landing State Park not a lot of people get to experience. It’s a more LOCAL vibe.
– You have a knowledgeable guide carrying water and snacks. Totally sweet.

-Pontoon ride included, lesson included, rental gear included.