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How early should I arrive for my reservation?

•We recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes early for your reservation. We want you to have enough time to find parking, apply sunscreen, pack your gear, and sign your waivers. 

When does our time start for our kayak and paddle board rentals? 

•Your time starts at the time your reservation is set for. This is why it is important to arrive early, so you get on the water for the entire duration of your reservation.

How can I speed up my check-in? 

•Make a reservation before you arrive and have everyone in your party sign the online waivers before you arrive at Tula Paddle Sports. The link to the waiver is in your confirmation email, and can be shared with people in your party by forwarding them the link.

Who needs to sign the waiver?

•Everyone who is paddling needs to sign a waiver, not just the person who made the reservation. Paddlers under 18 will need a guardian signature for their waiver. Even friends and family of  the Tula Paddle Sports staff need to sign the waiver. Even Tula Staff sign the waiver.

Do you accept walk-ups?

•Yes, we accept walk ups. We prefer you make a reservation. We do not want you to be disappointed if we do not have kayaks or stand up paddle boards available for you if you walk up. We also take reservations online and sign waivers online, so chances are if you walk-up, you will still be making a reservation and signing waivers on your phone, online.

Can I make a reservation without prepaying?

•So sorry, but in order to hold a spot for you we need full payment in advance. If you do not want to book in advance, the other option is to take your chances walking up.

What form of payment is accepted at Tula?

•We accept credit cards and cash.

If we are late paddling back to Tula, will we be charged extra?

•Yes, Tula gives you a 10 minute leeway for late returns, after that you will be charged for the next hour. This helps us make sure we have equipment ready and on time for each reservation. 

Are there bathrooms at Tula? 

•No, Tula Paddle Sports is a small shed operating off of solar energy. We do not have bathrooms at our location. There are bathrooms at the marina, however they have very limited hours and are currently under construction. 

Can I park at Tula if I am renting equipment from Tula?

• Yes, parking is limited so please carpool if possible and arrive early.

If we are renting from Tula, can we launch from your location?

•Absolutely! We highly recommend it. We have a beach and dock launch that leads into Long Creek.

Can we rent equipment from Tula and take it to other launch spots?

•Yes, if you have the appropriate mode of transportation for kayaks and paddleboards on your car (i.e. roof rack with pads and straps or a pickup truck) you can take gear off site. This does require a full-day rental.

Can I have equipment delivered?

•Yes, we can deliver equipment for you within 7 miles of our location for a $10 delivery fee per boat/board. We only deliver full-day rentals or multi-day rentals, no 1- or 2-hour rental deliveries. This service is subject to us having enough notice and availability of staff and equipment. 

How long is a full day rental?

•A full day rental on site at Tula is (9am to 6pm). However, if your rental is delivered to you, or you pick it up and take it off-site, you can keep it for 24 hours. 

Are life jackets provided?

•Yes, we provide Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) for paddlers of all sizes with your rental. If you have your own jacket that is USCG approved and fits you comfortably, we recommend bringing it, however it is not necessary.

Does Tula still offer paddle memberships?

•Yes, We offer a seasonal membership. Call for details.

Is there a weight limit on paddle boards?

•Yes, 275 lbs.

Is there a weight limit on kayaks?

•Kayakers over 300 lbs will need to rent a double kayak at the price of a double kayak. 

How old do you have to be to paddle a…

•Single kayak on your own – 10 years old

•Single kayak holding small child with adult paddler – 3 to 5 years old or less than 220 lbs

•Double kayak with an adult – 5 years old and up.

•Double kayak with small child and two adults – 3 to 10 years old (total weight capacity of 450lbs.)

•Paddleboard on your own – 12 years old

•Paddleboard with an adult – we only allow one person per board, no matter how small the second person is.

Can I kayak with my dog?

•We do not recommend kayaking with your dog because the shoreline is lined with sharp oyster beds, and if your dog jumps off the boat and runs to shore, drifts into a dock or gets stuck in the current, it could turn into a bad situation quickly. A cut from an oyster to a dog’s paw pad can be an extremely long recovery. That being said, if you are confident in your dog’s training, and believe it will stay in the boat with you, you can bring your dog in a kayak. Dog PFDs are not provided.

Can I paddleboard with my dog?

•No, sorry but dog nails tend to rip the deck pads on the boards.

What kind of water will we be paddling on at Tula?

•Little Creek is protected from ocean swell, and is therefore flat water paddling. We are also protected from most wind.

What will we see in the Creek?

•You will likely see dolphin, many beautiful birds, like ospreys, blue herons, white egrets, ibis, cormorants, bald eagles, green herons, tricolored herons…many birds. You may also see turtles, sometimes rays. You will see homes both large and small, boats, fishermen, other marinas and restaurants.

Can I paddle board or kayak if I am pregnant?

•Please consult your doctor for any health concerns before paddling.

What hours does Tula operate?

•Tula is open every day of the week, Memorial Day through Labor Day, unless there is bad weather. We start renting equipment at 9am. Our last renters of the day must be back in by 6:30pm unless other arrangements have been made with the Tula Staff. Tula is open by reservation only in May (before Memorial Day), September and October (after Labor Day).

What is the weather policy?

•If weather comes in that Tula deems as unsafe to paddle in, all lessons, rentals and tours will be rescheduled to a later date. If the party cannot reschedule, they can be issued a credit that does not expire. This credit can be used to reschedule for a later date or purchase merchandise. 

What is the cancellation policy?

• All tours, lessons and rentals are non-refundable. Reservation require 24 hours notice (minimum) for any cancellations. Cancellations made with greater than 24 hours notice will be rescheduled to a later date or issued a credit towards any activity available through Tula Paddle Sports. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the total amount of the reservation. All tours are subject to rescheduling or location change due to inclement weather or conditions.

Can we bring a cooler on our kayak or paddle board? 

•Yes, you can bring a small soft cooler with you. Please keep in mind that drinking alcohol while paddling is not permitted. 

Can I rent just a paddle or just a life jacket?

•Yes, They are $10 each for the full day. There is no hourly rate for these items.

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