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Helpful resources to learn everything about paddling in the Virginia Beach area

Our instructors at T.A.S. love to help you get on the water, and are more than happy to get you started with the basics. When you really catch the paddling passion bug, we want to help you dive even deeper into paddling, and can help you no matter what level you want to take it to.

Many of our students come to us with specific goals, including anything from getting on the water in a kayak/paddleboard comfortably and safely by themselves and with their family, to surfing at the oceanfront, to paddling on downwinders in 20+ knots of wind, to paddle expeditions and races of distances as short as 5k and up to 32 miles in a day. Our crew has the experience to get you ready for whatever thrills you seek.

To get you started we even have one of the most dynamic rental fleets on the East Coast, including but not limited to:

  • Surf SUPs (standup paddle boards)
  • Racing SUPs
  • Downwind SUPs
  • Touring Kayaks
  • Surfskis
  • OC-1 (Outrigger Canoe)

Prone Paddleboards (laying down paddling with hands, the original paddleboard)

With a rental fleet like this, we can get you heading in the right direction without you having to shell out heaps of cash for a boat to get started. Yeah we call them boats, or vessels, whatever floats your boat really. Why do we refer to a paddleboard or a kayak as a vessel? Well, because the United States Coast Guard does…

U.S. Coast Guard Rules, Regs and Resources:

​The amount of information available to you on the world wide web can be overwhelming. Here is a link straight to the source of safe paddling guidelines:

Paddlecraft Safety & AUXPAD : After the paragraph of the possible doom and gloom of recreation (although I think driving down I-64 is the risky part) there are many links to multiple resources and videos on boating safety

SUP Gear Checklist:

Current Conditions: Know before you go…

It is essential that you understand what the weather is doing before you hit the water. We are constantly checking the radar for any approaching weather systems, and the NOAA buoys for wind readings, predictions and swell. We also always check the tide and surface currents, depending on where we are paddling.

Here are our favorite links and/or phone apps for the different elements of conditions we are constantly checking at Tula Adventure Sports…

Any motion radar so you can see what direction the systems are coming from…

The Weather Channel in-motion radar​

Weatherbug radar​

Hi-Def Radar

Wind conditions and future predictions (on the water, not inland readings)



NOAA Data Buoy Center (Cape Henry CHYV2)

Tides, Currents and Water Temperatures​ This link is set to Long Creek, where we do most of our paddle training. You can adjust the location. Keep in mind that high and low tides can vary by over 1.5 hours in and around Virginia Beach, so it is crucial you check the right location.

Tides Near Me This is a great app to have on your phone.

NOAA Tide Predictions for Virginia

NOAA Chesapeake Bay HF Radar Surface Currents This link can really animate the crazy currents that swirl throughout Chesapeake Bay, and why paddling it should not be taken lightly.

LOCAL FOLK that Bespoke the STokE:

You should know that you CAN get caught in the thick grasping monstrous tentacles of the ocean athlete world. So, if you’re going to venture into it full stroke, you will quickly learn that there is a ton of information on the internet that you can get caught up in, overwhelmed from, or end up completely misinformed. We suggest you cut through the kelp by talking with people who are actually out on the water DOING and EXPERIENCING what you are interested in accomplishing. While helpful folks on the shoreline are more than happy to set you up in the wrong direction, they may not actually have experienced what you’re looking for, so get with the right people. Also remember, time on the water is the ultimate teacher.

That being said, here is a list of our local favorites for actually getting you out on the water and doing what you love every day.

Tula Adventure Sports Obvi 🙂 Our life is paddling and we want to share with you why it is so amazing. We have seen time on the water transform peoples overall health of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Valkyrie Downwind The local resource for Surfski, Peter Morgan is completely obsessed with open ocean paddling and a feen for chasing offshore swell.

Coastal Paddlesurf Classically crafted Stand-Up Paddleboards designed in Coastal Virginia by professional paddlers to be as pleasing to paddle as they are to behold. Ride the confluence of form and function.

Coastal Kayaks David Burden, Kayak designer, Coastal Virginia local and business owner, has paddled the world in a Kayak. His ACA certifications are at level “high as you can go.” He is also the International Ambassador for the ACA and has a hand in coaching our guides. His Kayaks are durable, well designed and comfortable for any endeavor.